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Kick Start the Job Requisiton

Every new hire begins with a job requisition…but from submitting a simple request to authorising an opening, tracking the approvals and getting the green light to post the job, it’s a constant game of chase and catch-up between HR and hiring managers.

HiringBoss helps streamline the paper trail so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Go straight from approvals to getting applicants.

  • Quick and easy job preparation and email-based approval process
  • Save time by creating new jobs use existing job templates
  • Set up who’s in-charge and who notifications should go to at every stage
  • Sends auto email notifications/reminders to person-in-charge
  • Ability to check requisition approval status

Post Jobs To Multiple Sources

Once you’re ready to hire, how do you get the word out? The perfect candidate could be anywhere and to reach the right applicants, you’ll need to share the opening across multiple channels.

HiringBoss simplifies and speeds up job posting by eliminating the tedious and time-consuming one-post-to-one-channel-only process. Just tick the places you want to advertise on, click once and let HiringBoss do the rest …now, who doesn’t like to save time?

  • Local and global Job Boards & Aggregators ( JobStreet, JobsDB, Monster, eQuest & many more.)
  • Career Site
  • Referrals
  • Job agencies
  • Social networks ( LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook etc)

A Seamless Candidate Experience

First impression matters…and nothing says ‘Join us!’ more than a welcoming careers website and an easy job application process. In order to successfully attract the right Talent, you need to give candidates a good experience.

Hook up HiringBoss with your company careers site so you can deliver a seamless candidate experience and enhance your employer brand from the first interaction to the last.

  • Seamlessly integrate HiringBoss with your careers site: post jobs and receive candidates through your own fully-branded recruiting website
  • Customisable job application forms
  • Pre-screening questions to help you sift out the right candidates
  • One-click parse and resume import for candidates
  • Mobile-ready: candidates can apply on-the-go, from any device

Job Dashboard

If you’ve got a high-volume of applicants, congratulations! However, without an Applicant Tracking System, it’s impossible to keep track of how and where each applicant is moving through the hiring funnel – who’s unscreened, who’s moved on the next stage and who’s waiting for a response? You need more than spreadsheets and memory.

With traffic light colour-coding intelligence baked into the system, HiringBoss gives you an overview of all jobs and their real-time statuses at every stage via one easy-to-view dashboard.

Red = Rejected | Green = Accepted | Amber = Action Required

From resumes received, 1st interviews all through to offers and hires made, HiringBoss automatically updates the dashboard based on your hiring activities so that you know exactly what’s happening and what you have to do next.

Candidate Dashboard

As the number of applicants in your database grows, looking for a particular candidate can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Candidate-related information can be stored in multiple places – paper and files, emails and your PC – the question is, where do you start?

You need to be able to find candidate information quickly and efficiently. HiringBoss collects all resumes, cover letters, emails, notes and feedback onto 1 centralised, searchable platform.

  • Candidate database and central resume repository
  • Multi-lingual resume parsing engine which extracts all basic information, skills and experience in just one click
  • Search for any candidate information ( documents, resumes and notes)
  • Use filters to customise dashboard views by status, location, jobs and verticals etc.
  • Gives a 360 view of candidate, including ratings and rich profile information.

Arrange Interviews & Hire

When hiring volume goes up, more team members and candidates become involved in the hiring process, which makes it hard to keep up with all the communications.

Scheduling job applicants for interviews, sending rejection/thank you, offer letters and interviewer invitations… sending these individual responses takes time especially when you’ve got so much communications to keep up with.

HiringBoss automates the communication process with branded emails and makes scheduling interview easy and hassle-free.

  • Integrate emails to track all touch points
  • Sync calendars to view all appointments and match interviews slots
  • Prepare and customise email templates for offer, rejection and thank you letters aligned to your company’s brand.
  • Sends out auto responders and bulk emails to get your message out efficiently
  • Automatic reminders to show you need to do next
  • Share ratings and comments

Improve Hiring ROI

Now that you’ve got your hiring process all under control, you can use the time saved to fine-tune your hiring strategy. Get insights to what works best and make your hiring efforts worth their while.

HiringBoss comes with pre-built reports so you can get hiring-related dashboards without having to build it.


  • Identify where your best applicants are coming from and get a detailed breakdown of all your candidate sources (including career sites, job boards and recruitment agencies)
  • Get quick numbers on metrics like Time-To-Hire, Cost-Per-Hire & Quality of Candidate
  • Track internal recruiter/hiring manager’s activities by monitoring Interview: Hire ratio, Average response time and missed opportunities.

Ready When You Are


    HiringBoss is a native Cloud-based applicant tracking system, no installations or downloads required. Get up and running, and start hiring in minutes.


    Every organisation is unique so HiringBoss lets you work the way you want it with a easily configurable hiring workflow. Match the hiring process to your organisation’s hiring pipeline.


    As the business grows, you will need a hiring software that is flexible, agile and can accommodate more users. At every stage of growth, HiringBoss scales with you - from small enterprises to global multi-national organisations, HiringBoss complements your new size and easily adjusts to new processes.


    HRBoss was awarded the Japanese ‘Privacy Mark’, widely regarded as the global gold standard in data protection regulation. We take rigorous measures to protect personal information and ensure that we’re always compliant with industry standards.


    Born in Asia and powered by Japan technology, HiringBoss is a multi-award winning corporate recruiting software recognised in Asia and beyond.


    With HiringBoss, you get 24/7 self-serve support helpdesk – SupportBoss. Get access to a comprehensive library of help articles, support forum and step-by-step video tutorials.

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